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About the Somló Holding

About Us

executive director

The first company I founded is 23 years old at the moment and after funding new companies; in 2012 we redesigned the structure and the activities of the co-operations. The centre piece changed its name to Somló Holding, and the activities were renewed as well. The experience and expertise providing a stable background for our individual businesses on the market; were integrated to this organisation too. 

During our decades of working activities we have experienced and learned that the industrial renewal waves may vary in time. The multi-functional businesses can project their effective methods towards other industries while acquiring advantage. Our regional position demonstrates that this successful technological transfer has had a positive effect on the company; meanwhile the parts of the Holding have reserved their individual market linkage since the start.

Due to the coordinated management and structure the members of the Holding are able to obtain functional and financial benefits, which can be shared amongst their customers and co-workers.

This approach results in exceptional quality products, services, stable consumer circle, mutual respect of the businesses in the area amongst high-level quality awards and international awards.

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Tornai Eszter
Tornai Anna
Kovácsné Horváth Andrea
Chief Financial Official (CFO)
Simon Anita
staff director

The Holding in numbers

HU-8460 Devecser,
Vasút utca 29.

+36 88 513 333


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