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Somló-Zsák Kender-Juta Ltd.

Somló-Zsák Kender-Juta Ltd.

Matusek László
executive director

The Somló Zsák was the first company in Hungary starting manufacturing big-bags 30years ago.

The big-bags are made of heavy duty polypropylene material, primarily for agricultural and industrial usage.

During the latest decades the Somló-Zsák through its technological progress has developed wide range of material portfolio including conductive bags, or chemical resistant bags-used in the chemical industry and other special big-bags.

With our very own technology we ensure that the bags’ sealing are manufactured according to customers’ needs, without polluting the environment during its use.  

Our Eastern-European company as part of an international group of companies is able to respond to the newest challenges.
The Somló Zsák is a well organised company, that guarantees the most ideal technological solutions for its partners through their own developed commercial organisation.

Our customers can enjoy our high quality industrial experience, meanwhile offering competitive prices in Europe associated with reliability and responsibility.

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HU-8460 Devecser,
Vásárhelyi u. 81.

+36 88 512 555


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