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Tornai Winery Ltd.

Baranyai András

The Tornai Winery is the largest family winery of Somló.
It is not just internationally acknowledged, excellent wines are made here; the estate centre at the Southern foot of the hill is the venue of unique events as well.

The Somló’s age long viticultural traditions were based on the special features of the production site.
The phrase “Small World Wine”, used increasingly widespread among the world’s wine connoisseurs, is as if it was introduced to refer to Somló: it is hard to find another wine region, which could produce such unique and exciting flavours.
Everyone can find something here that dislocates them from the world of average consumers and mass-produced wines.
The Somló’s wine is typically a long-time matured, fiery, mineral, full-bodied white wine, but lighter, fruity ones are made in our cellars as well.

The region’s most historical dunes, production of 75 barrels, the modern steel tanks, the comfortable wine-terrace and the big hall, all proves; that in our 70 years of history we have always tried to provide our best and uniqueness.

The variety of the wines of Torna shows nicely the variety and diversity of Somló.

We would be pleased to welcome You at Hungary’s historical wine region, at Tornai Winery.

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HU-8478 Somlójenő,
külterület hrsz. 1248.

+36 70 3399 822


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