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Vicenter Ltd.

Vicenter Ltd.

Bognár Sándor
executive director

The Vicenter Ltd.’s dairy cattle breeding is placed to two sites: in Devecser, where close to 500 Holstein-Friesians are responsible for the milk production, and in Pusztamiske, where the raising of rising generation takes place.

The nutrient-rich, varied diet is ensured by the 1100 hectares of fodder crops grown on the infields located in the region of Devecser.

The available areas are not only serving the animal husbandry, but provide high-quality grain for the market.

The high nutritional milk is interfused in the products of our special partner, Alföld Tej Ltd. The grain dryer and granary capacity of the firm is significant, and with the leasing of these capacities we provide the integration of the local farms.

We are proud that the Vicenter Ltd. is considered as one of the ten best milk producers in Veszprém County and the daily work of 43 people ensures the maintenance of competitiveness.

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HU-8460 Devecser,
Deák Ferenc tér 9.

+36 88 502 730


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